Security is something that needs to be developed and maintained especially when you are running a business. The trouble of being complacent about the risks can cause you so much loss in your profits, which is obviously counterproductive in having a business.

There are several ways on how to avoid theft or minimize its occurrences at least, and to secure the retail store. Some people believe that having good storefront installations can help achieve the objective, while others are more concerned about preventing data breach and loss.

In this article, we will be sharing with you five ways on how to secure your retail store for a smooth- flowing business days.

1.Choose an encrypted credit card swiper

The most effective way on how to secure your customers’ details is to keep them out of the store, and using an encrypted credit card swiper means that there would be no single data that would be exposed as they are automatically encrypted into the secure code.

2.Have smart inventory management tools

Having inventory management effectively provide you regular check of your stocks and lets you monitor some discrepancies. You may use smart barcode scanners to take note of the stock and inventory levels you have.

3.Provide educational materials for theft prevention to your workers

One of the most effective ways to prevent a crime is to educate people, and this is why keeping your team well-informed of the latest practices provides significant help to you and to them.

You can also start by educating them about their code of conduct as they will be aware and knowledgeable about the consequences they would need to face. Start from their tenure and build a responsible group of staff in your business. Of course, it starts with you.

4.Provide anti-theft signage

Putting signages is the most common and effective way of minimizing attempts of theft. There is a need to tell your customers that they are being watched and the consequences of the shoplifting, as this induces intimidation against theft inside your store.

Signages are very simple, cheap, but effective.

5.Install merchandising security

If your store sells high-value products like mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets that worth hundreds and thousands of dollars, you may want to install merchandising security as it allows the potential buyers to test and get hold of your products while at the same time keeping them tethered to the display furniture.

When it comes to merchandising security, there are variations. You can try those that have built-in chargers, magnetic holders, and others.

6.Install cameras and video analytics

Now, putting on a surveillance camera is a huge deal. This is an effective way to monitor customers’ actions inside the store and at the same time provides evidence. Parred with video analytics software, your camera can be your greatest tool against theft. This software is able to detect malicious movements of customers.

There are many ways to avoid theft in your store and it starts with educating your staff and providing them the technology the store needs.